Jennifer J

This is the second time I have used this company for a balloon artist. I honestly am so thankful I found them back in 2014! They have done my first birthday parties for both my boys and I was so impressed each time!! My guests are always thrilled! My niece had been saying all week how excited she was to have a “magical unicorn” made. I was nervous because I did not think it could be possible, but my niece came running over so excited with an amazing white and pink unicorn with an adorable hot pink feather and amazing drawings on it!!!!! The pure joy on her face is something I will always remember. I have used Tesia (spelling??) for both my parties and she was outstanding each time!!! The TMNT and Baymax she made were a massive hit!!! We had over 20 kids at our party and in a super short time she made swords for all the kids who had a blast playing pirates in the backyard with them! I honestly would use this company for every single party I ever throw. You will NOT be disappointed if you use this company!!!!!!!!!! So thankful I have them for all my future needs!!!!!!!

-Taken from Yelp